The writer of the great pretender

The Great Pretender is an anime that was released in 2017.

It follows the story of a high school student named Kuromine Asahi. He thought that he was going to live his life as usual, until he met a girl who told him that she's a vampire and tried to suck his blood. However this encounter did not end up like it usually does in an anime since Kuromine saved her by declaring her to be a fellow and naming himself as the writer of this great pretender. And so the story begins, with Kuromine trying to keep his secret and protect Shiragami Youko while dealing with hostile vampires who want to kill him and make him join their ranks. Furthermore he has got some competition from the vampire hunter Saikawa Akito who is also interested in Youko.

The anime is directed by Yamakawa Yoshiki, written by Urahata Tatsuhiko and character design was done by Gotou Keiji.

Who wrote the great pretender

The Great Pretender is an anime which started airing in 2017. It follows Kuromine Asahi and Saikawa Akito, both of whom try to protect Youko Shiragami who is a vampire.

The story begins with Asahi meeting Youko for the first time and saving her from being killed by another vampire by declaring her as his own "doll". Therefore he names himself as the writer of this great pretender, asking her whether she would agree to let him be her Master.

Since then, Asahi has constantly been dealing with vampires who are trying to get Youko over to their side while also trying his best not to get killed by them. Furthermore he constantly had more trouble on his hands after the appearance of the vampire hunter Saikawa Akito. Thus far, the anime has adapted up to volume 7 of the light novel.

The show has been praised for its beautiful animation and well-developed characters.

This anime is adapted from the light novel series of the same name which was written by Amamiya Shuu. The illustrations were done by Gotou Keiji and the cover for this version of the story was designed by Midori Katou. It won an award at the newtype awards festival back in 2014, too, where it was named as one of the best light novels that year.

What is this writer of the great pretender? The writer of the great pretender was a term used by Kuromine Asahi in order to refer to himself after declaring Youko as his doll and therefore naming himself as her Master and creator. Furthermore, he asked Youko whether she would like him to be her Master or not, describing himself as the writer of this great pretender.

Why did he call himself that? The term was used in order for both Youko and Saikawa Akito to understand that Kuromine really knew about vampires and therefore he would be able to protect her from them since they were enemies. Furthermore, the term was used to highlight his determination and resolve and therefore showing how much he loved Youko.

Why did he stop using it? Since his secret has been revealed, Kuromine no longer uses the term since there is nothing to hide from anyone anymore. In fact he even makes a direct reference to this in volume 6 when Saikawa talks about how his resolve has been wavering lately.


The writer of the great pretender is a term that was first used by Kuromine Asahi after he declared Youko as his doll and therefore named himself as her master.

Who wrote the great pretender?

The writer of this great pretender is Amamiya Shuu, who also writes under the name Midori Katou . He is the author of the light novel series The Great Pretender.

Amamiya Shuu is a light novel author who has written for works such as "Kokoro Connect", A Certain Magical Index and Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia.





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